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6.06 jaffa stairwayPhotography for me captures a moment, emotion or feeling. In the earlier days of my photography, I used my photos as mental breaks from the stress and hectic pace of life. Gazing at my photos would bring me to a different place a location, event, an object, person or even a pet that I adored. For a moment, I could be someplace else. FreshlyCut grew out of my habit of taking a little mental vacation by adding my images to my correspondence. I could share my message and a photo with whom I was writing. I discovered that by adding an image to the note I was writing my message was enhanced and illuminated. It not only made writing the note much more personal and fun, but the people I wrote to enjoyed receiving the note and photo as well.   Many of my friends and associates asked me to make the note cards, so I began to make cards for them to use. 40D_23_10_2009_071_edited-1From that beginning has sprung FreshlyCut.  I hope that my images take you to a quiet spot and enhance and illuminate the messages you want to deliver. – Jodi
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